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The Company, have a variety of support for Foreigners to be able to work longer with peace of mind.
Many previous matching achievements, for the first timers we guarantee you a courteous interaction.

We Assist Engineering, can introduce you to a workplace that suits your career.

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Assist Engineering's Strength


Corporate philosophy

Contributing to the local community by becoming a bridge between people and
companies while facing each work style.

Management policy

We create jobs that people and companies want.

What we value is "work style suited to each job seekers"
In response to corporate demands, we will determine the competence, personality and appropriateness of job seekers, dra w out the potential needs, and create employment relationships that both sides are convinced of.

Assist with job-seekers with full power

Thinking about the future for job seekers, we will back up many training curriculums, including business etiquette and computer training, as well as roads for future regular employment.
For companies, we provide comprehensive assistance such as securing personnel at the time of business startup, education, contracting in-house accompanying business expansion, contracting at our own factory.

Contribution to the local community

We operate our own factory, work support continuation support type B (disabled welfare service) and in-house nursery centering around the temporary staffing business.
We will actively promote local recruitment in various types of occupations including group companies and contribute to the local community.

Thorough compliance

We comply with various labor related act such as the Worker Dispatch Act, Employment Security Act, Labor Standards Act, Personal Information Protection Act.

Excellent temporary staffing service provider action guidelines

With awareness of the social role of the temporary staffing business that links workers and companies, while keeping in mind the protection of personal information of temporary staff and information about dispatched companies, We will contribute to adjustment of supply and demand.

We will respect the personality and individuality of temporary staff, ensure an environment that is safe, safe and easy to work, and support the formation of careers.

We will strive to open up information on our business, communicate widely with society, and conduct business with high transparency.

All employees engaged in the management of temporary staffing business will thoroughly comply with laws and regulations and will take a strict attitude to the dispatched companies that do not comply with the laws and contracts.

Message from the CEO

We will carry out what we can do step by step reliably and sincerely.

Thank you for seeing HP of Assist Engineering Co.,Ltd
Since its founding in 2002, we have developed human resources dispatching and job introduction business with the aim of "a good partner of community" through employment.
Looking back from the foundation to the present, there were various events such as economic fluctuations and various law regulations revisions.
It was also a trigger to make me think deeply about what social responsibility of our work is.
Through employment promotion projects, we aim to become a company that is needed from the region while looking to the future of Japan.

Currently, we are supporting candidates and companies with the following guidelines. ・To job seekers, let us help you find employment with a view to helping future rich life designs by identifying personality, appropriateness, potential needs, based on the individual situation and requests of each person. ・We are emphasizing various vocational training. We support consistently during training as well as employment support after training. We are focusing on nurturing human resources that can deal with diverse tasks. ・We are actively supporting people who have difficulty working As a support for working moms I am managing free nurseries in the company. As a system leading to employment support for people with disabilities, we are managing work support continuation support type B business establishments. We are actively working on problem solving in employment society, such as supporting cancer patients and reemploying elderly people.
For companies, In addition to introducing human resources, we will constantly provide the latest information such as legal revision information, utilization of subsidies, consulting such as promotion of employment of foreigners, etc. to companies. In addition, we also aggressively propose total outsourcing to customers in manufacturing industry from temporary staffing contracting to on-site contracting to our own factory.

"People move with their thoughts and people change with their thoughts.”

We value our thoughts of each and every employee, draw hope together, and continue to devote as a company that can contribute to the development of the local society.




Company Name Assist Engineering (ASSIST ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.)
Head office 2106-1, Fuse, Chuocity, Yamanashi, 409-3841, JAPAN
TEL. 055-274-8117 / FAX. 055-274-8177
Factory 301-31, Miyazawa, MinamiAlpscity, Yamanashi, 400-4150, JAPAN
TEL. 055-234-5600 / FAX. 055-234-5601
Fujiyoshida Office 2-7-11, 2nd floor of Building B, Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshidacity, Yamanashi, 403-0005, JAPAN
TEL / FAX. 0120-713-809
Assist Yu(Employment support facility for persons with disabilities) 400-0505
992, Nagasawa, Fujikawatown, Minamikomagun, Yamanashi, 400-0505, JAPAN
TEL/FAX. 0556-48-8577
Friend Park (Nursery school) 2106-1, Fuse, Tyuocity, Yamanashi, 409-3841, JAPAN
TEL. 055-274-8117 / FAX. 055-274-8177
Matsumoto Office 861-1 3F, Shimadachi, Matsumoto, Nagano, 390-0852, JAPAN
TEL. 0120-713-809
Learning Center 1-14-18, Nakakogawara, Kofu, Yamanashi, 400-0855, JAPAN
TEL. 055-267-6162/FAX. 055-267-6163
Sales area Yamanashi, Tokyo, Nagano
Founding March, 2002
Capital 10 million yen
Directors Yusuke Saito : CEO
Jun Osada : Senior Managing Director
Eiji Mitsui : Director
Main bank Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Mizuho Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation
Business item [Temporary staffing Department]
We are developing human resource services centering on Yamanashi and Tokyo. General affairs affairs, Accounting work, Manufacturing affairs, OA Instructor, System Engineer, Manufacture of electronic and communication equipment, Manufacture of auto parts, Various metal processing, Food Processing, Transportation in the company
Packing, Cleaning service, Nursing care work, Service staff, Interpreter, Research staff, Farmer
[Equipment Department]
We undertake contract manufacturing from many kinds to small lot.
Assembly wiring of BOX, UNIT accompanying manufacturing equipment, manufacture of CABLE, design, procurement, manufacture, assembly of printed circuit board, soldering, manufacturing control of medical equipment
Development, design and procurement of industrial products
[Education Department]
We provide a variety of education and training, training services to people who aim to work with improved skills and upgraded levels.
Job training, career up training, job support seminar
[Welfare Department]
Operation of work support continuation support type B (disabled welfare service)
Providing work from home
[Nursery School Department]
For the purpose of supporting working women, we have a free nursery school in our company and offer nursery services.
Corporate-led childcare business
[Study Abroad Department]
We support to those who wish to study abroad for peace of mind to study abroad.
Information provision service on overseas study abroad, information on the school, procedure agency service, local support service, overseas travel insurance agency, job information before traveling, employment support after returning home
Notification from dispatching business owner